June 12, 2011

Oral Fix Podcast, Episode #002: Gender Benders

This weeks podcast is all about the 'Androgyny' of our community, Lesbians Who Look Like Conan O'brien, Spanx for days, a cure for HIV, and honoring the flesh and spirit of our Queer history in the making with our new segment "Anthro'Faggology"!!! Tune in folks!

Hosted By: Drew Brown and Henry Diaz
Theme: Gender Bender People

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Show Notes

Intro Music: Orally Fixated - Róisín Murphy

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Welcome into the Podcast Community from Benjamin Grundy at Mysterious Universe podcast.

Tit for Tat


Examiner Article
Logo TV Interview
Glamazon Full Song

Lesbians Who Look Like Conan O’Brien
Uncanny X-Men - The End
Apple Spaceship & More Jobs

2(x)ist Spanx
Marriage Equality
West Virginia Pride Flag
HIV Cure

Music Break:
La Roux- In for the kill (Skreams Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

Topic: Gender Bender People

Lea T,
Article from Hispanicallyspeakingnews.com

Andrej Pejic
TheNewGay.com Article
Austrlian Interview
Andii Viveros

Raja Gemini
AfterElton.com Interview
Our Raja Youtube Pick (Legendary)
Our Raja Youtube Pick #2
RuPual's $75,000 Question to Raja, Ep. 13

Canadian Family Genderless Child Rearing
AbC.com News Coverage

Samoan Fa’afafine
Wikipedia - Fa'afafine
Samoan Fa'afafine Elder Personal Story
Phelysha Brown Fa'afafine Interview

Music Break:
Diamond Rings- All Yr Songs

Back Into The Closet

Drew’s choice:
Straight Acting

Henry’s choice:
Flesh Light

Ending Music Jonsi - Around Us (WesBeanz remix)


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